Sharing and publishing properties from a collaborator

To be able to publish properties from other collaborator in portals you must have in mind the following:

  1. If the property is from a collaborator through Internal agreement. We’d allow you to duplicate their properties.

  2. You can share the gateway with them.

  3. MLS option, we’ll have to check if they have authorised to be able to publish and duplicate the properties.

How can we publish these properties in the portals?

In order to publish properties of a collaborator, we will first have to generate our Collaboration Agreement. Once we have our agreement created, we will have to take into account that we must have the Duplicate properties permission activated in our user profile, since without this permission we will not be able to duplicate any property. As soon as we have it, we will duplicate the property from the Actions> Duplicate property section within the property tab.

We must enable you the permission to duplicate and publish properties from, so we need the authorization of the agency that has the property.

Once this is done, we can now manage this property like any of our portfolio, so we will mark the portal and the publication that we are interested in maintaining. It is possible that you will not let us publish it because it is already published in the same portal in the agency that has the property, this is because if this happens, we must enable the permission to publish what has already been published from by what you should send us an email with the authorization of the agency that owns the property.

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