Which portals allow sending the capturing email? What does it consist of?

When we hire a portal by default, an email and a contact email are sent to this portal, this data is collected by the portal and it is where they will send the requests of the clients when they are interested in a property. We refer to these data when we talk about the data of the commercial collector. The usual thing is that these requests are sent to the generic data/email of the agency, however, if these portals support it, we can modify the configuration so that the requests reach the commercials who are managing the property.


This way we can send 2 different data:


-Inmovilla's internal email; if this information is sent, it will arrive at the user's email inside Inmovilla [we recommend this option since this way you will be able to use the option to create automatic leads]

-Send the information from the profile file (utilities>advanced panel>users)


The portals that accept this type of changes:

The portals who accept this type of modification are: Fotocasa, idealista y

This option will never be available for Habitaclia and Yaencontré. To modify any details you’ll have to get in touch directly with them.

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