What is "Tax value" in the sales data of the property record?
Fiscal value

The autonomous communities mark each year tax values ​​for real estate. You can request the fiscal value of the property you are going to sell from your regional Treasury to indicate it in the ITPO or ISD self-assessment and attach it to the deed. Keep in mind that this value is binding for three months from its notification.

In most of the autonomous communities you can consult the fiscal values ​​on their web pages. In some cases, the fiscal value is obtained by means of calculators and in others by applying a certain coefficient to the cadastral value (which you must know in advance). The fiscal value obtained must be attached to the deed.

In the "Fiscal value" box within the Sale Data section (in Properties) you will find a calculator icon that takes you to an external website that calculates this value from the data you entered about the home. This website is different for each autonomous community. If pressing this button does not take you to any website, it is because we do not have the appropriate website for the autonomous community of that home. If this tool does not work for you and you know the website that does this calculation for your community, send it to us at and we will add it to our database.

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