How to create a lead


Where do I have to acces to be able to create a lead?


You can create a lead clicking on the “lead” botton



Once inside you must click on “new lead”

The lead form will open in which you would simply have to fill in the data. Keep in mind that for the lead to create a match, there has to be a match with everything written inside, therefore the more data you put in, it will be more difficult to find a match as it has to process all the information on the lead.


Different fields in the file:

  1. Contact information, are the lead information, taking into account, for example, the fields of:

- Contacted by: refers to the means through which that demand has been contacted, such as, for example, a portal

- "Referido”: someone you have a partnership with. For it to appear on the menu you’ll have to previously have this collab as a contact and choose the option “collab” inside the profile.

- Tittle: this will appear on the previsualization of the leads so it’s easy to find them.


  1. How to set up the leads? Depending on the set up the leads will be created only from your properties. bolsa CRM or your groups.

  2. Type, location and price; will register the type of property your client is looking for. If you click on “type of property”. this window will open:



You will have to choose each type of property from the left column, the city and the areas and as soon as you have it selected, close it from the x to close the window. You will see that they are added to the lead:

According to the price you can choose a minimum and maximum price:

You can also include a deviation, this data would be a percentage through which, when matching and looking for matches, you could include properties including the margin of that percentage.


  1. “feature requirements”, "extra requirements", customer data and additional information;


Something to bear in mind in the "extra requirements" field is the elevator. If the lead is looking for a property with and elevator but only from the 3rd floor up you would have to select it here:

Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you should not tick the Elevator option in the next section (extra requirements),it will ignore the floor.

You must always save:


Where can I upload documents to a lead?

When you enter the lead you’ll see “quick access”/documents:

Here you can upload any document you want.

The most relevant information to register demands would be the aforementioned, however we also have a video where you can see it in more detail.

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