How do I share a property with my MLS?


How can I see the properties of my MLS or Circle?


The MLS must have previously notified us in writing that the agency in question is part of its MLS. Or it has had to be added from the Circles section, prior acceptance of the person in charge of it.

As soon as this is done, we can see that in the properties section the "my groups" option has been added to the drop-down menu:

How can I list my properties with my MLS or Circle?


We will have to go down to the Collaboration section in which we will mark the mls with which we want to share the property.


If the mls tells us what is needed to be able to share the property, within the property file in the sales data section we will have to mark the exclusive, date and upload the documents.

Keep in mind that some MLS will have certain requirements to share within the group, in this case, if you do not meet the requirements, it is possible that when you check the option you will get a warning.

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