How do we register a prospect?
What is a prospect?



A prospectus is a prefetch. If you have a possible capture from Inmovilla, you can save this file without registering it as a property, being able to fill in its file until it is completely captured.

Going into properties, we will have a drop-down with "My properties" click on this drop-down and select "My prospects" and press search. We give a new prospect and we would begin to fill out our file.


This file is the same as the property one, we will fill in the fields that we have and when we want to change this prospect to a property, we will have the option to modify it from the same file.


This will be passed directly to your properties in the free state. Keep in mind that the prospect reference will be changed for a property reference since these are differentiated.



How can I locate a registered prospect?

We can locate our prospects by accessing from 2 different ways:

1.- From our main Inmovilla panel:

2.- From the Properties section

The search would be the same as with a property, we can use the fields of zone, city, type... :


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