What search options does Inmovilla offer?
What are the search options that we have in Inmovilla?

1.- The first search option is our intelligent search engine. Through this, we can locate any file by telephone, email, or street name within the relevant section.

2.- Another option would be with the predefined sections of search engines that are located within Contact, properties or demands.

Depending on the record we are in, entering the specific section (record/demand/contact), we can see that there is an option to search for certain fields, in such a way, if we search in contacts or demands, we will see the following options:

In properties:

Advanced search engine:


Entering this option we have the possibility of searching or filtering properties by different fields such as, for example, a specific quality (elevator, garage, swimming pool...), or by some portal (idealista, fotocasa...):

In the case, for example, of having several branches, you could filter by the properties of a certain branch. As soon as we mark the filter we want or the option by which we want to search, we will hit "search":


And the search will be added to "matches":

Thus generating the desired search.


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