Crossroads Configuration. How does it work?

Check configuration at junctions in demand tab

When you share a property in the crm exchange, it will be crossed with all the agencies that have their demands configured to cross with the crm exchange, so that depending on what you have registered in the demand file, it will take properties from a section or another. Therefore, to be able to cross with the CRM exchange, you would have to have the option enabled in this section.


Junction simulator tool.

Also if you enter Actions> Crosses> Simulator:

You will be able to see the properties of the other agencies that may match your demand.


In the same way, from the properties section, following the same guideline as with the demands, you will be able to see the demands of your colleagues that coincide with a property of yours. This would be from the property's tab, entering Quick Access> Matches and back to Actions> Matches> Simulator:


If we look closely, we can only see the demand number of the other agency.


Keep in mind that if the other agency does not have a cross configuration configured in which its demands cross with group properties, their demands will not appear in the simulator.

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