Is there a way to view MLS properties that have just been shared or have dropped in price?
Where do I find MLS properties that are shared or changed?

Within Inmovilla there is a specific section for mls or groups, in it we will find different options to work with the group, such as the possibility of controlling the changes made with properties of the group or mls.

This section is found in the Circles part:



Here we will have the option to see the new registrations of properties within the mls, as well as the cancellations, status changes, price changes of a group property.



This section works the same as the properties section, you can filter by a specific date, by city or by type of operation, search for a reference or by type of property.

Outside of this section, you will have the possibility of receiving all these notifications to the email that you leave on record in the Utilities/advanced panel/options section, in the "share mls options" section, there is a section called:

Receive changes to your QLS in your email: select the email and if you only want to receive notifications from a specific city, you would have to give "cities with notices":
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