How do I create a visit?

From where I can create a visit? 

1.-There are several sections where you can create a visit, such as the leads file or the property file. The way to do it would be similar in both tabs, you would enter the tab in question. Within the tab you have two ways to do it:

a/.- Directly from the "last follow-ups" section:

Clicking on this section opens the option to create a follow-up: 

b/.-From Quick access > Visits > New visit:

It would show you the visits what is in that property and the possibility of creating a new one: 


2.-Another way to create a visit would be from the agenda itself

Within the agenda you have the option to create a follow-up by directly selecting the day, as soon as you click on a free space, the blank follow-up sheet opens for you to create it:

How do we create a visit?

When you have the visit open you will observe different fields: :

En At the bottom you can generate the evaluation of the visit , so that it is reflected in it

We will see  that in the first box the stipulation of the demand appears and the second will correspond to the property, in such a way:

- You select the demand by giving search: 

If we know the demand code or name, we can search for it from the search engine and select 

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