Web : Create new work to show in the Promotion tab
How are promotions displayed on my website?

We are talking about the Inmovilla website template. In this case, by default, this Web template will show the promotions without grouping, showing properties with the type "New", "New construction", "Under construction" or "In project".

This tab is found by default in the Home of the Web:


How can we put the promotions grouped by promotion?

In order to group the promotions we will have to enter the Web Editor. Once inside we will have to access Options > Global Options and check the option Show promotions Grouped by promotion.


When you mark this, the new works you have created in the Inmovilla application will appear in the "Promotions" section. And when you enter the promotion, the properties that have been linked to it will appear.

If a new work does not have linked properties, it will not appear on the web.

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