Matches from leads. How to create more leads apart from my own properties?

With our CRM you have more options when creating matches, you can for example create matches with your ”groups' ', “bolsa crm” and “collabs' '. You can find this option inside the lead settings.


This option will allow the leads that you already have created and the new ones to have a higher number of new matches. Keep in mind that the more requirements a demand has, the more difficult it is for the matches to be generated and these will be sent as long as the property suits the interests of the demand.


What is the matches simulator?


If you want to try this function, in Inmovilla we have the matches Simulator. With this you can check the matches that your property may have with your properties. Even with the CRM MLS. To access this function, once you have logged into Inmovilla, from the lead, you will be able to access the Quick Access / matches section and you will see that at the top right you will see the simulator option. :


Accessing Simulator and selecting with which properties you want to search

Another option is that you can access the simulator from the task bar that appears at the top right when you display the three dots

Here you can select the address of a property and based on that address you can get the matches with the leads


This way you have your guide to guide you when looking for new matches for your potential clients.


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