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Where do we find the multimedia section in Inmovilla?

In Inmovilla, we continue to improve our tools to make their use much more intuitive, therefore we have modified everything related to the Multimedia section. This option can be found within the property file, entering the edit option: 

         If you enter this option you can see that we have added some very useful improvements:

At the top you can see the following sections within the gallery, from left to right you would start with:

- Add pictures; from this option you can upload the pictures of a certain property.

We can use the option to auto-order the pictures in the upload.

We would enter in Multimedia, and select the add pictures option:

Then, we have to mark the following option:

This step would sort the pictures through an algorithm that evaluates wich will be the best picture to maximize the advice conversion in the publications.

- Mass Actions; With this option you can, for example, delete pictures at once or put the watermark. In this same section you will find premium options that will link to the Market Place tools such as the virtual decoration.

At this point you will be able to delete all pictures from the property file or select several at once: 

- Pictures ; it shows every picture you have already upload to the property

- Before and After ; You'll be able to compare the before and after of a particular stay. 

- 360º Photos ; For 360º photos

- Tour virtual ; It offers the created tour, so you have the option to edit it or to make it from scratch. 

If you look closely, you will see below every single picture there are three points through wich certain options will be enabled:

*In order of appearence:

Rotate the picture

Virtual decoration (access to the Market Place)

It will be marked as hidden picture

The picture will be deleted

Edit the picture

Cover the logo

How can I add a video to the property?

From this Multimedia section you will have the option to create a video from the pictures that you have previously added.

As soon as we create the video, a window will be open to select music and the upload option that we want to use: 

We'll see two options:

1.- File to download ; Once the video has been generated, you can download it and save it in yout computer. If it's not used for 14 days, will be deleted.

2.- Direct upload to Youtube ; The video will be directly uploaded to a private channel of Youtube, but it will be associated with the property and will be published on portals and websites.  

As soon as we create the video, it will take a while to be generated. When the process is over, you will be notified by the system in the calendar.

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