How do I create a visit on a property of another agency?

I would like to arrange a visit with another agency that uses Inmovilla, how can I do it?

Through Inmovilla we have the possibility of making collaboration agreements with other agencies either through the MLS or individually


First we need to go to the properties of the agency that we want to arrange a visit, for this we access Properties - Collaborators

Once inside the file of the property that we want, at the top on the right side we see the dark tab called Request the Collaborator - Confirm Visit

When we have the panel in front of us to request the visit, it asks us for a series of data:

1. Notice Date: in the tab we find the icon of a bell, when clicking on it, a calendar appears to choose the day and time

2. User: When we create a visit, we have the option of assigning it to ourselves or choosing another user.


3. First Red Box - leads: In it we could add the lead by selecting the magnifying glass icon within the same box


4. Second Red Box - Collaborator: In this box we will see that the other agency appears by default together with the property

5. Observations: In this section we could leave the comment that the other agency can view it

6. When we click Save, an informative notice appears, which tells us if we want to notify the collaborator. If this window is not accepted, the visit will not arrive


7. Inside the red boxes, we could find the icon of the plane, which allows us to send the confirmation of the visit by email or whatsap

Important announcement

If the other agency does not have any user with the permission activated, the permission to receive communications from the QLS, it will not reach anyone. This can be done by accessing Users.

Once the visit is created, the other agency will find it as soon as they access their CRM, in Pending Tasks and in the Agenda, just like us. In this way, we are ready to request the visits we need from our collaborators in a fast and direct way!

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