How do I get the visit report?

I need the Visit part, where can I find it?


In Inmovilla we can create Visits for our own agency, or request Visits to Collaborators. Once we have the visit created, we can extract the visit part, which has been generated automatically.

To export the Visit Part we can follow the following steps:

  • Visit. First we must go to the created visit, which we can access through the Agenda, Properties, Demand and open it.


  • Templates. Once we open the visit, on the upper right side we have the templates tab, in it we have several templates models, we just have to choose the one we want

- Demand Visit Sheet
- Homeowners Visit Sheet
- Agent Visit Sheet


Once we have the part of the visit that we want, before printing it, we can modify the data we need. In case we want to permanently modify the section "Visitor Control" we can do so by following the following steps:

  • Options. To do this, we access Utilities - Advanced Panel - Options


  • Parameters. Once here, we choose

- Country: Here we have the different Visits, Demand, Owners and Agent Controls

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