Where can we find the agenda?


Where can we find the agenda?



Can I change the agenda so I can see it only by days or by weeks?


To be able to view the agenda by weeks or days, we have to select the option in the View section, in this way we can view all the days of the week or the view of a single day, depending on our choice:


Daily view:


Weekly view:



Monthly view:


Daily table:



Weekly list:


Monthly list:


We can save our agenda settings from the padlock option:



We can exclude any day of the week:



How can I see only active appointments and the canceled ones do not appear?


This option can be changed on the status box



Which filters can I use in the agenda?


  1. Viewing by agents:

Selecting this option, we will filter the agents and depending on whether the view is weekly, daily or monthly, it will show us the agenda of all agents.

You have to take into account the permits you have for viewing.


  1. Type of follow-up:

It will filter us taking into account all the tasks in the day, month or week depending on the calendar selection.



How can I customize the colors of the Calendar tasks?


You have to go to utilities -> advanced panel -> “lista CRM” -> tipos de seguimientos


You will be able to customize each type of follow-up to choose its visualization, in terms of color, and icon of the type of task. This customization is for all office users, it cannot be done individually for each user.



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