Inmovilla Virtual Tour

Where are the virtual tours of Inmovilla

Within the property file we have the Multimedia option where we can locate the Virtual Tour section. Below we show you through video how to access:





To be able to create a virtual tour, we will need 360º photos, we would upload these photos to the 360 photos section and once uploaded we can create the tour from the virtual tour section as we have seen in the previous video.


How to create Inmovilla virtual tour? 

As soon as we have our 360º photos uploaded, we would have to go to the Virtual Tour section and give the option to Create:


It will show us the following message:

And we will see the images to be able to create our tour and link all the scenes through the transitions:

1.- We will edit our scenes by naming the rooms to make it easier for us to organize the tour:

2.- As soon as we have the named scenes, we could start from the first by double clicking on the scene where we want to put the transition, until we link all the scenes by double clicking you will be able to select the destination scene:


This is how we could create the transition point. If we have created it by mistake and we wish to delete it, in the same section of tour editing, we click on the transition and we will get the option to delete the point:


3.- Once our tour is created, we will see it in the Multimedia Tour section and select the Inmovilla tour option

What options does the Immovilla Tour offer?


With our Tour we have enabled the possibility of creating a videoconference and thus being able to show the tour to a group of people or to your client through the computer or mobile without having to travel to the office.

In order to use this tool we would have to go to the tour and select this option:


It will then take us to the tour:

As soon as we give this option we have the possibility of seeing two conference options:

- Group mode; this mode will be used to show a virtual tour to a group of people in which everyone can speak and lead the tour or take control

- Presenter Mode; only the presenter's microphone will be enabled and they will follow the presenter's guidelines.

As soon as we select the mode we want to use, we will get the link of the tour and the different options to share:


When entering the link, each of the users will have to indicate a username and we will have all the same options within this videoconference: Hang up: Through here we will hang up the videoconference. Attention point: We can direct the user to a specific area of ​​the tour focusing on a specific point: Synchronized View: Users will see the same view that you are seeing: View: We can use this view to see what other users are seeing Share the pointer with the mouse: The rest of the user will be able to see our mouse pointer Hide the video window: Hides the silhouette window from other users Microphone Mute: Mute the microphone Share meeting link: It shows you the video conference link to be able to share it.


Can the tour display mode be changed?


From the Utilities section> Advanced Panel> Options, within Inmovilla, we will find the Virtual Tour Options section, through which we can:

- Modify the option to see a logo, a circle or not show anything, in the place where the 360º camera is located to take the photos

- Modify the navigation style in the tours giving the possibility of three options:

   1.- Animated arrows                                        2.- Street View mode                                                           3.- Destination preview


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