How can I create templates for Whatsapp?

How can I create templates for WhatsApp?

Form inmovilla we have created the option for you to be able to create and save templates for WhatsApp so you can use them whenever you need. This can be very useful when you need to send the same message to different clients.

To be able to create these templates you will have to go to WhatsApp, we can access from contacts, leads or properties, we have to pretend we are going to send a WhatsApp.

As we can see in the GIF, we will write the template and once we have it written we have to save it and it will ask us to name the template.

To use this template, the moment we access the WhatsApp window, we will give the option to Load Template:



Can we use parameters in WhatsApp templates?

When we are writing our template, we can include certain parameters to make the template more generic, and be able to use it for any tab since these parameters will be replaced by the customer data to which it refers.

We have certain parameters to use:

  • [name]
  • [surname]
  • [ref]
  • [lead]
  • [Phone number]
  • [email] 

In the same WhatsApp window we include the options:

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