Preset sentences

What are the preset sentences? 

The preset sentences is a tool that Inmovilla provides when writing an email through which we can add sentences, which we have configured to our text. this will save us time when writing emails.

How do you create the preset sentences?

We have to access the mail tool and open a new email and enter the preset sentences option :



As soon we enter this section we can create our preset sentences by entering a name and the sentence that will be added next:  

To be able to use it in our text; we only have to put while we are writing and where we want to use it the command $+the name :

$grettings : 

And once we mark the option, it will replace the sentence for the name that we added:


Where can we find the preset sentences that we have created? 

In the section Utilities>Preset Sentences we can view the senteces that we have created and from this same section we can create new sentences: 






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