App Inmovilla Android (Without Call Tracker)

How to download the Inmovilla application?

From the Android Playstore or the IOS Apple Store we can dosnload the Inmovilla Application. Once downloaded, we will have to enter our access data as we enter the desktop application:

It would be necessary to accept the options of the privacy policy, if this is not accepted, it will not allow us to continue and validate ourselves.

As soon as wen enter, the main page of the app will open:

What can we do with the Inmovilla App?

As soon as we enter, we will see several options:

1-. Access to Inmovilla.

2-. Available options.

1.- The first module will show us the option to enter Inmovilla, this will take us to our Dashboard and from there we can work as in the desktop version:


2.- It will show us the different options in carousel mode, these options would be:

- Create Task: We give the option to create the task without having to enter the Inmovilla option:

- My email: We will go directly to the email tool:

- Agenda: Direct access to the agenda

- CallWith this option we can register a client quickly. It corresponds to the New Call tool that appears in the desktop version

- Add prospectus: This option is very useful because we can register a prospect quicly

- ShortcutsDirect access to the shortcuts that we have created

We reiterate that this application does not have Call Tracker, so the incoming call will not be identified with the contact that we have saved in our agency, due to this the app will not generate the call note, for this to happen it will be necessary to download the application with Call Tracker separately because both can be used continuously.

Where to download the Inmovilla Mobile Applications from?

- The mobile application With Call Tracker can be downloaded from the page by entering the link in your browser to 

or from the link at

- Application with no Call Tracker , from the Android Store

- Application for IOS With No Call Tracker , from the IOS Store

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