How to publish on real estate portals?

How can I start publishing on a Real Estate portal?

If we want to publish in a certain payment portal, we must initially contact the portal in question since depending on the portal it will give us one option or another for the activation of said feed.

We are going to give you an example of what we need in terms of the most relevant portals:

- Fotocasa


- Yaentontre

If you have Free Portals activated, all property listings that are marked to be published on real estate portals will automatically be sent to these free portals. We offer a list of Free portals which we work with:

When publishing a property on a portal we depend on the requirements of each one of them, so it is possible that each one asks us for some fields or others, as soon as we fill out our property file it is possible that we will see some warning or requirement when we mark a certain portal.

*We also have the option for certain portals to decide if we want the street to be displayed or not
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