How can we access Inmovilla's mail?

How can we access Inmovilla's mail?

In order to access the mail we would have to enter from the menu on the left:



From here we will access the mail manager:

What trays can we find in the Inmovilla mail?

- Received: Emails that we have received in the application, both read and unread.

- Sent: Emails that we have sent from the application

- Unread: Received emails that we have not yet opened. To mark an email as unread we have the option from the same tray:

Or from inside the mail:

- Leads: We will receive the emails of the contacts that come from the portals and they will be stored in this tray

- Postponed: All the emails that we have marked to postpone, when the time marked to postpone arrives, will be passed to the inbox. To postpone an email we would have to use the postpone option from the mailbox or from the email itself:

- Scheduled: Emails that we are going to send and that we can program so that the shipment is made at a certain time

- Labels: Shows the emails that are in each of the labels to be able to filter by them

- Automatic: In this tray we can see the emails sent automatically by the application

- Spam: Tray dedicated to spam received at Inmovilla.

- Deleted: We can see in this tray the emails that have been deleted

- Archived: We will be able to consult the emails that we have marked with the Archive option

 What options do we have in the Inmovilla mail?

- New email: options we have when we are going to send a new email

* Option to cancel email: When sending a new email we have a few seconds in which we are going to be able to cancel it in case we made a mistake:

* Frases Predefinidas. 

* Cargar y guardar plantilla : Podemos guardar nuestra plantilla creada desde la opción de guardar plantilla. Una vez guardada podremos cargarla desde la opción de cargar plantilla :

* Add emails from: Add the client's email using the search engine:

* Email without header: This option will make it so that when we send an email, it reaches the recipient without the agency data. We can configure this option from App options in the Settings> configuration> options section

* For collaborators: We can use this when we send a property to a collaborator. In this case, when we send it with this option, the file we send does not carry the data of our agency.

* Attachments: With this option we can attach files from the email to send

* Properties : We can attach properties from this option. What I would do is insert the property binding that we have attached.

* Calendar: it is the option to schedule the sending of the mail:

- Received email: Within the received email we can see options to interact with it.

These options would be:

* Archive : We can archive the mail to save it

* Mark as Spam : This will put it in the spam queue and the sender address of the email will be assigned to this tray

* Delete : We will delete the mail, this will change the mail tray and put it in the deleted one.

* Mark as unread: If we check this option, the mail will be marked as Unread.

* Mark as read: It will be taken into account that the email has been marked as already read

* Postpone: We can postpone the mail so that it remains archived until the postponed time that will return to the inbox

* Transfer: We have the option to transfer emails to other users. We can see these transferred emails from the See transfers option

* Label: We can manage the emails that we have recurring with the label option.

* Link mail to: if we use this option, the mail will be associated with the client that we have assigned.

* Create contact from email: this tool is very useful to be able to register a client from the email itself. If the email is from a portal and is associated with a property, it will create the demand if we select this option, with the preferences on the characteristics of the provided property. Likewise, if the portal is known and we have it registered, it will go to the lead tray.

How can I search for a specific email or filter by certain emails?

We have enabled the search engine in the mail to be able to search directly by subject and dates:

We also have the possibility to filter by Agent, label, or category by choosing the filter option or even search if it has or not attachments:

From the same email we can see the attachments before entering it by downloading them from the same tray:

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